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ModelMaker Tools: Delphi and C# .Net Refactoring & UML modeling

ModelMaker Code Explorer for Delphi IDEs

mmx_overview_thumb.pngClass Explorer and Refactoring Browser.

Delphi (5,6) 7, 2007-2010 and XE-XE7 integration.

Delphi Pascal and C# support

Apply Built-in Refactorings, Rearrange and Sort code.Entity Insight™Live Metrics™ and Live Documentation


Demo movies

Entity Insight demo movie Entity Insight
More MMX6 features demo movie Editor tool bars
Interface Wizard demo movie Interface wizard
Event handler view demo movie Event handler view
Auto Toggle Object Inspector demo movie Toggle Object Inspector
Live Documentation demo movie Live Documentation
Code Explorer Live Metrics™ demo movie Live Metrics™
Code Explorer Source Indexer  demo movie Source Indexer
Unit Dependency Analyzer demo movie Unit Dependencies
Code Explorer wizards demo movie Beyond Templates
Code Explorer Convert Field to Property demo movie Field to Property
Code Explorer Find Next/Previous identifier occurrence demo movie Find Next/Previous


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