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How does CodeHealer help me?
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CodeHealer is an efficient and powerful source code analysis and  verification tool that will help find and fix a significant number of  programming bugs, mistakes and inconsistencies in Delphi programs before they  are released. The information provided by CodeHealer will also help  developers understand and improve existing code that they have not  written. This is especially helpful for corporate developers who take  over management of legacy applications.

CodeHealer is easy to learn and use, and has been designed to provide  immediate benefits with a minimum of user effort and input. Its highly  interactive user interface not only shows where the problems lie, but  also makes suggestions as to how fix the problem and in many cases will  even make the changes for you if you so choose.

CodeHealer is fast, so it can be run as an integral part of the  development process, locating problems before they have had time to  settle in and become "features", and while the code is still fresh in  the developer's mind.

How does CodeHealer help me?
Software quality and reliability, whilst always having been important,  have been driven to the top of the requirements list in recent times by  the high profile software failures and breaches that we read about in  the national press on a weekly basis. Security vulnerabilities in  particular have become of paramount concern with the rapid increase in  the number of software hackers over the last few years.

The benefits of static code analysis in finding residual programming  errors, above and beyond the checks made by the compiler, are well  known.

Static analysis tools such as LINT and its derivatives have been  available for many years, and their findings well documented. CodeHealer  takes those tools a significant step forward, both in power and  usability.

CodeHealer can be used by developers at all levels of expertise, from  the youngest and freshest newcomer to the old curmudgeon with 50 years  of programming experience. Its benefits can be gained on both new and  existing programs and projects by helping developers understand the code  and offering suggestions for improving it.

Which languages does it work with? 
CodeHealer currently supports programs written in Embarcadero Delphi  (versions 5 through to XE7), and support for other languages such as C#,  C, C++ and Java will be available at a later date.

How can I find out more about CodeHealer? 
View some screen  shots of CodeHealer in  action.
View the CodeHealer Frequently  Asked Questions page.
View the CodeHealer interactive  tutorials (Flash movie).


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