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X-Files Components package contains a full set of advanced visual components designed for Delphi. X-DBGrid Component package contains only few fundamental components designed for database developers. This package is a main part of X-Files Components package. X-DBData Components package was designed to can directly use any indexed data structures with dbaware data components especially with our TXDBGrid component.

X-DBData Components package
X-DBData Components package contains a set of specialized data sets and data providers to can use any classic and generic data structures like a database table. X-DBData Components is our separate product. Using of this package do not required any other our package, but to compile included demo you must have X-DBGrid Component or X-Files Components package installed. You may download and install a free Trial package. See detailed information about this package.

TXDBGrid component is a powerful functional extension of standard TDBGrid component. TXDBGrid component looks beautiful and implements many additional features like: fixed columns, fixed styles (flat and 3D), Windows XP themes, many variants of gradient drawing style, enhanced flat and 3D scrollbars, proportional scrolling for any DataSet even filtered, expandable columns and title headers, checkboxes, hot buttons, title and indicator images, many variants of pictures drawing into cells, title markers and multicolumns sorting, enhanced lookup lists, pick lists and drop-down lists, calculator, calendar, storing and loading columns layout (to ini file, registry, stream, string), enhanced support for bdRightToLeft BiDiMode, extended rows selection and notification, multiline rows and auto-numbering, hints, tooltips, column stretching and many many more ...

یکی از مجموعه کامپوننتهای قوی و کامل برای دلفی است. در این مجموعه کنترلهای مختلفی از قبیل گرید (جدول) وجود دارد که تمامی آنها از زبانهای راست به چپ به صورت کامل پشتیبانی میکند.
از قابلیتهای اصلی گرید :
- پشتیبانی از زبان های راست به چپ
- سورت
- فیلتر
- گروه بندی
- ستونهای چند عنوانی
- فوتر با قابلیت محاسبه جمع ، تعداد ، میانگین و ... برای هر ستون
و ...

Website: http://www.x-files.pl/

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