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HierCube VCL

HierCube for VCL

Easy and time-proved VCL OLAP  components for creating OLAP applications in Delphi and C++  Builder.Works with a data source like a flat fact table that makes it  easier to configure cube structure. Supports composite (multilevel) and hierarchical dimensions.Full Uniode  support and advanced export abilities.

Main features:
  • 100% Unicode support.
  • Supports hierarchical dimensions described by "Parent-Child"  relations. Both "balanced" and "unbalanced" hierarchies are  supported. No restrictions for the amount of hierarchical levels.
  • Supports "snowflake" schema.
  • An  ability to edit fact table data directly in OLAP-view.
  • An  ability to show several summaries and several aggregate function at  the same time. To compare the values of neighbor cells or calculate  cumulative sums can be used sub-functions. See  the list of supported functions on the footnote.
  • Calculated dimensions and range-based dimensions. An ability to use  a summary as one of the cube dimensions.
  • Three types of calculated summaries:
    • Calculated from the fact table records
    • Calculated using user formulas
    • Calculated using user defined aggregate functions.
  • Supports dimension attributes. Any field from the dimension table  may be read from the fact table as a separate attribute of dimension  and used later to describe dimension members more fully.
  • Supports supersaturated cubes when one cube cell hold two or more  values from the fact table.
  • Using all MOLAP advantages with no problems, related with  calculating of "sparse" cubes ("database explosion" and "cube  sparsity"). HierCube works easy with hundreds of dimensions and, so  solves tasks beyond of the strength of most of industrial  OLAP-servers. There are no restrictions for the maximum cube  capacity.
  • High performance and very modest memory requirements: algorithms of  calculating "on the fly" allow to process the fact table holding a  million of records in a single second (excluding the time of data  fetching). See  benchmarks page for details.
  • Works with any successor of standard TDataSet component, no BDE  required. Works with unidirectional datasets (that "remember" only  current database record) and datasets that "do not know" the full  record count of an executed query.
  • Supports saving to and reading from any component derived from  TStream (including TFileStream). Allows to save the "history of  analysis" (in other word different slices of the same cube) and  switch between them later.
  • Allows to fetch new data from the fact table or full refresh without  closing the cube (at that the grid keeps the current slice).
  • Supports user groups, sorting, filtering by dimension members. Can  filter by any combination of dimension members in any dimension.
  • Allows to display the current slice as a diagram (any TChart  successor). Source code of the charting component are distributed  free.
  • Allows to copy the selected grid area into clipboard in different  formats.
  • Allows to export grid data to many formats: MS Excel (using OLE or  directly to XLS-file), HTML, PDF, WMF, RTF, TXT, BMP, XML for  Analysis, XML Spreadsheet, RaveReport, ReportBuilder, FastReport.  Also supports direct drawing on printer Canvas.
  • Easy localization. It is possible to localize the evaluation version  as well.
  • Supporting OS: Windows 2000 or above.


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EMS Advanced Query Builder logo EMS logo

EMS Advanced Query Builder


Advanced Query Builder is a powerful component suite for Borland® Delphi® and C++ Builder® intended for visual building SQL statements for the SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE clauses. It allows you to build new queries visually and/or graphically represent the existing queries in your own applications. The suite includes components for working with standard SQL, MS SQL, InterBase/Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL and many more dialects. Advanced Query Builder enables users to make up large and complicated SQL queries with unions and subqueries for different servers without any knowledge of the SQL syntax.


Available Interface Languages





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EMS Advanced PDF Generator logo EMS logo

EMS Advanced PDF Generator



Advanced PDF Generator gives you an opportunity to create PDF documents with your applications written on Delphi or C++ Builder in the most simple and easiest way. There is no need to know PDF specification - you can generate PDF files without any knowledge of PDF format using our Advanced PDF Generator. It allows you to break tables into several parts automatically in order to fit the pages, supports embedded tables, gives you an opportunity to add JPG pictures and much more! 

Adding EMF or WMF files to PDF in vector format

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use component API gives  you the easiest way to create PDF documents
  • Automatic division of tables into several parts to fit the pages
  • Full support of embedded tables
  • Adding JPG, BMP pictures to PDF documents
  • Adding EMF or WMF files to PDF in vector format
  • Adding any other pictures that can be loaded in the TGraphic  component
  • Generating PDF documents with internal and external links
  • Unicode characters full support
  • Two encryption methods support - 40 bit and 128 bit
  • Defining the document properties: author, keywords, producer,  subject, title.



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Build VCL application for macOS and Linux

Start building macOS and Linux apps with Embarcadero Delphi and CrossVcl


One framework for all desktop platforms:

Using CrossVcl you focus only on your VCL application and CrossVcl makes it cross-platform.

Win API bridge:

CrossVcl provides low-level Windows API bridge to macOS and Linux.

Native Controls:

CrossVcl provides native macOS equivalents for almost all standard controls like TEdit, TMemo, TComboBox etc.

Native Graphics:

TCanvas and TBitmap behave on macOS and Linux like on Windows.

Custom Controls:

Many custom controls work on macOS and Linux like on Windows unchanged.


CrossVcl requires Embarcadero Delphi 10.2 with macOS development add-on. Enterprise version requires for Linux development.



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StyleControls VCL is a powerfull package of components, which uses Classic drawing, system Themes, GDI+ and VCL Styles. This package contains the unique solutions to extend standard VCL controls and also has many unique, advanced controls to create Windows 10 Modern UI Applications (UWP design).  Also with this package you can really improve applying and using of VCL Styles in your application.

Product page




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Next Suite VCL






NextGrid is a powerful Delphi/CBuilder Grid. It is very easy to use it in design-time (with using intuitive Columns Editor) and in run-time. NextGrid have much more features than standard…


Next DBGrid is a powerful Delphi/CBuilder DBGrid based on our popular component NextGrid. Allmost all great features from NextGrid are available in Next DBGrid, extended with database suppor…


NextInspector is a powerful and completely new Object Inspector component with classic style (normal style) and enhanced style where Vista/XP themes are fully supported! It is very easy t…


Next Sheet is powerful Delphi/CBuilder Spread Sheet component very similar to Microsoft Excel. It have many great features know from Excel like full cell formatting, cell formulas and much m…


Next Collection is growing family of modern and very easy to use components. Some of components in this set are: NxAlertWindow (Live Messanger Pop-up Alert), NxPageControl (Modern Page Co…


Next Editors component package consist of several components used in NextGrid, NextInspector and NextSheet. This components can be used as standalone editors and they have same properties…

 یکی از بهترین مجموعه کامپوننتهای دلفی میباشد که شامل انواع کنترلهای کاربردی از قبیل Grid بسیار منعطف و کاربردی میباشد .  


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The Ultimate Solution When You Need To Access Excel Files With Delphi and C++ Builder.



How can XLSReadWriteII help you?
  • Native access to Excel files. The user doesn't need to have Excel, or any other software installed.
  • XLSReadWriteII works as an invisible Excel workbook. All cell values are always accessible.
  • Stability. One of the major goals with XLSReadWriteII was to create a product that won't corrupt the Excel files and won't alter any data in the file.
  • XLSReadWriteII is easy to use. With the formatting interface,  you can format cells through a cell object.
  • Fast and efficient support when you have any questions.
  • No runtime fees for the component.
  • Full source code included.
  • We released the first version of XLSReadWrite in 1998. At that time it was the only component that could read and write Excel 97+ files. We are commited to have the leading Excel solution for Delphi in the future as well.

با استفاده از این کامپوننت میتوانید با فایلهای اکسل کار کنید. برای استفاده از این کامپوننت نیازی به نصب برنامه اکسل در کامپیوتر کاربر نهایی نیست.

از امکانات این کامپوننت :

- سرعت بسیار بالا
- مصرف حافظه پایین
- خواندن و نوشتن فایلهای اکسل
- ایجاد نمودارها 

- استخراج و وارد کردن اطلاعات
- رمز نگاری و رمز گشایی فایلهای اکسل
- تغییر فرمت هر سلول
- ایجاد لینگ
و ...


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RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo


RAD Studio 10.2  Tokyo



Delphi Overview

DelphiⓇ is the nimble Object Pascal IDE and component library for cross-platform native app development with flexible Cloud services and broad IoT connectivity. Compile natively for fast Linux and Windows server support and reach the widest audience with App Store support for Windows 10, macOS, iOS and Android - all from the same native code base - in the first IDE with integrated Windows 10 Desktop Bridge Support. Fast developers choose Delphi for Enterprise Strong Development™ and enjoy 5x faster development cycles across desktop, server, mobile, cloud, and database platforms.


Preview at Design Time with FireUI

FireUI App Previews lets you preview your FireMonkey application on iOS, Android, OSX and Windows targets as you are designing the app. Changes made in the FMX Designer are broadcasted in real time to connected devices using the appropriate Styles for the devices.


Powerful Cross-Platform UX

Code once and deploy to Windows 10, Android, iOS and OSX with  FireUI

RAD Studio features the FireUI Multi-Device Designer and  cross-platform UI framework that delivers the only true single  source solution for natively compiled applications. Most other  vendors who support native cross-platform development require  separate user interfaces to be written on each platform.

Mobile developers can finally build a common, native look and  feel UI that works across multiple form factors of mobile  phones, tablets, and desktop systems – all at once! From the  user interface code through the rest of the complete client  software stack, your apps can access platform APIs, device  sensors and services, and deliver the best app performance with  native GPU and CPU support all from a common and shared code  base.

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FireMonkey implementation for Linux

Start build UI Linux apps with Embarcadero Delphi and FmxLinux



FmxLinux is a toolchain that permits the development Linux application using Embarcadero Linux compiler and FMX.

Conceptually, FmxLinux is a combination of two major components:

  • Runtime: Brand-new implementations of FireMonkey for Linux, tightly integrated with the native linux runtime.
  • Design Time Management: An IDE expert which allows to add Linux platform to FMX project and setup it with FmxLinux.


FmxLinux requires Embarcadero Delphi with Linux development add-on. It works with all Delphi versions since Tokyo.

Using FmxLinux you focus only on your FMX application and FMXLinux makes it available on Linux.

Native Look & Feel:

FmxLinux provides high-quality Ubuntu style as default Linux style.


Real cross-platform developement, focus on your app and FmxLinux makes it for Linux.

Work in RAD Studio:

Code and debug your app in Delphi IDE. All RAD Studio features are available.



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  Displaying, editing and printing hypertext for Delphi and C++ Builder


Video conference demo

What is RVMedia

RVMedia is  a set of Delphi VCL and Lazarus LCL components having the following  functions:

  • receiving video from different sources: local web  cameras, IP cameras, network video streams, computer desktop,  local and remote video files;
  • configuring  IP cameras and controlling their rotation;
  • reading  sound from a microphone;
  • sending and  receiving video and audio data via the Internet;
  • organizing  video chats and video conferences (either as directly connected  applications or using a client-server model).

RVMedia can  use GStreamer and FFmpeg libraries  to show video streams in advanced formats, such as H.264.
Note: RVMedia does not include neither a source code nor an object  code of these libraries. Copyright to GStreamer and FFmpeg belongs  to the respective owners. RVMedia uses them under GNU LGPL license  v2.1.

A Free Pascal (Lazarus) version of RVMedia supports  the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Linux

RVMedia مجموعه ای از کامپوننتهای VCL و LCL برای دلفی و لازاروس است که قابلیتهای مختلفی در زمینه پردازش ویدیو در اختیار برنامه نویسان قرار میدهد. در RVMedia، استفاده از کتابخانه های GStreamer و FFmpeg برای نمایش ویدیو در فرمتهای پیشرفته ای مانند H.264 امکان پذیر است. البته توجه داشته باشید که این مجموعه شامل سورس کد این دو کتابخانه نیست چرا که کپی رایت این دو کتابخانه در انحصار صاحبان آنهاست و در RVMedia تنها از قابلیتهای آن استفاده میشود. این مجموعه شامل کامپوننتهای مختلفی به شرح ذیل است:

  • TRVCamera دریافت ویدیو از منابع مختلفی مانند وبکم، دوربینهای مدار بسته، فایلهای ویدیویی و …
  • TRVCamControl کامپوننتی ویژوال برای کنترل حرکات دوربین
  • TRVCamView کامپوننتی ویژوال برای نمایش ویدیو از TRVCamera یا TRVCamReceiver
  • TRVCamMultiView نمایش ویدیو از چندین منبع مختلف
  • TRVMicrophone خواندن و ضبط صدا از میکروفون
  • TRVMicrophoneView نمایش ویژوال فعالیتهای میکروفون
  • TRVCamSender ارسال ویدیو تحت شبکه
  • TRVCamReceiver دریافت ویدیو ها از شبکه
  • TRVMediaServer ارسال داده ها (ویدیو، صدا، دستورات، و فایلها) از چندین منبع به چندین رسیور تحت شبکه
  • TRVTrafficMeter نمایش چارتهای ترافیکی و آماری

امکانات و ویژگی های RVMedia:

  •  دریافت ویدیو از چندین منبع مختلف مانند وبکم محلی، دوربینهای مدار بسته، جریان های ویدیویی تحت شبکه، فایلهای ویدیوی محلی و راه دور
  • پیکربندی دوربین های مدار بسته و کنترل چرخش آنها
  • خواندن و ضبط صدا از میکروفون
  • ارسال و دریافت ویدیو و صدا از طریق اینترنت
  • امکان چت ویدیویی و ویدیو کنفرانس (چه به صورت مستقیم و یا مدل کلاینت سروری)
  • و …


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